3 Design Tips

Here are 3 tips to follow from the most common mistakes we make when designing flyers, brochures etc.





 1.  Keep your headline short and to the point

Typically 5 words or less. People don’t read very much online.

The headline should summarize the article.

Start with keywords. People have a habit of scanning information, and read the start of the heading first.

Headlines often appear on their own, without articles. Especially in social media and search engine results.

Match the reader expectations. Don’t discourage your reader. They should get what they expect.


2.  Only include the most important details.

Attention spans have become even shorter in recent years. We are bombarded with so many diverse messages coming at us from different directions, it is difficult to stay focused. We have become impatient. We want information now. Get to the point…and get to the point fast.

Focus only on the key points. To do that, you need to clearly understand your client: what do they already know and what do they want to learn from you.


3.  Low quality images. A picture says a thousand words

These images speak for themselves………………………………………

More information how to find quality images for free online follow this Link

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  1. Avatar for Mary Cochrane Georgia Brooks : February 24, 2018 at 9:55 am

    Thanks so much for sharing such useful tips. Wonderful explanation. Keep it up.

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