8 Tips to Prepare Your Design for Printing!

Preparing Your Design for Printing

There are a lot of points to consider when designing a leaflet and making sure it’s ready for printing

As a design & print company, when we work with print media we are very careful to follow the following 8 tips before we start to print a design.

We know that any mistakes we make will be reflected in the final product and because we we want our customers to be absolutely thrilled with the results, we follow our own advice to the letter.

These are our  8 tips to help you understand what a printing company needs you to send them in order to print perfect leaflets and other promotional materials for you.

8 Important steps to prepare your files for printing

  1. VERIFY THE SIZES: Set up the measurements of your document
  2. MARGINS OF 3 MILLIMETERS: Apart from the margins you use in the design, leave 3 millimetres or more for the cut
  3. USE COLOURS IN CMYK: Set the colour palette to CMYK so that they do not change their colours when printing
  4. VERIFY THE RESOLUTION OF THE IMAGES: You can test the resolution of your images by viewing the image in actual size on screen. If it looks blurry you may need to use a larger DPI
  5. DETAILS OF THE PRINT: Folds, gloss finishes, cuts, and other details must be indicated in the design, so that they are understood
  6. SEND A PROOF OF YOUR DESIGN: Send a sample of how your printed design should be, so that the printer can see the finished product (preferably JPG or PNG)
  7. SEND YOUR DESIGNS IN PDF FORMAT:  Send your designs in a high quality PDF file
  8. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: It is important that you specify the type of paper you will use, the number of prints, etc.

If you need more information about DPI click Techterms

For any further information or help please contact – us we are always happy to help!

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