Do Glasgow Businesses need Business Cards? 

A question we frequently hear from businesses is “do businesses still need business cards in Glasgow?” The short answer is yes. The obsession associated with business cards today is not the same as is portrayed in the 1980’s based American Psycho film (see video clip at bottom of post), however businesses continue to carry business cards as a means of making a connection to prospective clients, partners and/or investors. Therefore we’ve decided to write a blog post about the uses of businesses cards for businesses in Glasgow in the present day.

Do investors still frown upon entrepreneurs choosing not to carry business cards?

Business cards continue to hold importance in terms of developing business prospects from the point of practicality and the level of esteem that your brand or business is perceived in the age of the internet. Having a well-designed business card sends a message to any potential business prospects that you are competent, dedicated and foresighted. Business cards not only appear professional but they are also a matter of convenience. If you manage to catch a potential investor or prospective client that’s in a quick hurry you could try asking them to add them to your network on Linkedin or follow you on Twitter however there’s a likely chance that the will either forget or not have time. You could try to give your company’s contact details verbally to a business prospect but they are likely to forget them, for many business prospects they are given dozens of companies’ information at networking events. If you write your contact details down on a piece of paper that may take too much time for a business prospect in a rush and could also be perceived as disorganised and unprofessional. A business card helps Glasgow businesses deliver swift, professional contact information for anyone you need to build a connection with, whether you’re sat down for a business lunch or trying to catch someone as they’re passing by. A well-designed personal business card will carry all the information of yourself and your business ready for your prospect to take a look after a long busy day.

Are Business Cards still a worthy investment for Glasgow businesses?

In terms of direct marketing business cards are one of the cheapest forms of advertising that a business can purchase. The advantages of business cards when compared to other forms of advertising such as online paid advertising is that they can generate a far greater return on investment for a very small initial investment. As you are likely to hand out your business cards in person directly to a prospect that you know is well-suited to your business you’ll be able to ensure that your marketing budget is not spent on prospects of little value to your business. When advertising online a prospect may visit your site through Pay Per Click and then forget completely about your website and either click again through the Paid Search channel costing you more money or never finding your website again. With a business card your prospect will have contact details of your business for as long as they hold on to your card. Business cards also leave a lasting personal touch which other forms of marketing do not offer, when a business prospect sees your card they remember your face, they remember the conversation you had with them and they remember the advice that you personally gave them.

Has technology made business cards redundant for businesses in Glasgow?

In the fast-paced business world its easy to fall into the trap of believing that anything that is not 100% digital is redundant however it is important to remember that the two are not mutually exclusive. Before the age of digitalisation the only contact details a business would need to give to prospects would be their name, address and phone number. However in 2017 most businesses will have a website and make good use of social media, meaning that a business could have more than seven ways of being contacted and all of your prospects will have different ways in which they would prefer to contact you. Some will prefer to contact you directly through your website, B2C businesses may find their prospective customers will prefer to contact them via Facebook. Whilst businesses wanting to build up their business to business relationships may find Linkdin a better way to build relationships with your business. Some may prefer email, same may prefer following you on Twitter or Google +. By having all of these social media contact details on one business card you have the opportunity to have anyone contact you whether they are potential investors, potential clients, industry influencers or business partnerships a platform to build a relationship with your business in a manner that they wish to choose. Some would argue that with the development of smart phones you can offer this capability without the need of a business card and whilst sometimes this can be more appropriate it is important to remember a business card demonstrates professionalism, phones run out of internet data, loose battery and can have no signal so it is always good to have a quick and convenient backup plan when you meet that perfect business prospect.

When would you hand out a business card in Glasgow?

There are some great business fairs to visit in Glasgow such as The Scottish Business Exhibition or Expo Scotland these are ideal opportunities to hand out business cards to any potential business prospects that you meet. You could join an appropriate meetup or create one of your own in your local area on The opportunity to hand out a business card can also occur when your attending business courses, but also pretty much anytime you happen to bump into a business prospect, whether its through a friend at a dinner party, a chance encounter in public or when they visit your business premises. Avoid leaving your business cards tucked away in your wallet or purse and try and speak to the prospects about the kind of service that you offer and leave them with a business card that makes them remember you and your business.

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