How to Create a Perfect Brochure Design


As a business that designs brochures in Glasgow we’ve decided to dedicate a post looking at the best ways to design and create a brochure that delivers the necessary impact. Before you start to look at designing the brochure you’ll need decide on the main objective of your brochure. Whether you’re planning to create a brochure for an event, to provide public information or trying to tell people about your business’ services you’ll need to create a brochure that fits this design. You’ll need to decide if you want to take a more promotional approach or a more informative approach. For example if you run a company that sells car parts you could either produce a leaflet that informs the reader of how to use the products to fix a car, with prices and your company information but not heavily promotional; or you could create a leaflet that is entirely promotional and focuses on aspects such as deals or discounts that your products have.

The best way to develop the concept and direction you want your brochure to take is by acquiring various samples and comparing and contrasting them to work out the direction you want to take. When designing a brochure it is imperative to only include the most important content to feature in your brochure, as brochures are fairly small there is only room for highly relevant content, at all costs you must avoid bombarding your readers with waffle. Next you’ll need to focus on finding the layout that will best suit your brochure; there are nine main layouts to use when designing a brochure you’ll need to decide if you want tri fold, z-fold, half-fold, double parallel fold, gate fold, double gatefolds, roll fold, accordion fold or half fold visit our brochures section to find out which one would work best for you.

Designing a Brochure

When designing a brochure you need to make sure you follow the best practices, firstly you’ll need to make sure you limit the amount of fonts used. Using playful fonts for the promotional aspects of your brochure and professional fonts for the more informative aspects of your brochure is fine, but using a different font for every section of your brochure looks inconsistent. It’s important to use high-quality paper, using standard A4 paper will look unprofessional and will be short-lived. Contact your printing company and make sure the paper is aesthetically pleasing and with an appropriate thickness. Adding a catchy call-to action is essential not only for brochures but also for any marketing material.

A call-to-action should be on the front page with a few words that entices the reader to find out more. For example a theme park may have a call-to-action along the lines of “Take a ride on Europe’s fastest rollercoaster!” Contrasting the colours in a way that is aesthetically pleasing can make a break a brochures appearance. There is no fixed approach to the colour design of a brochure, you can use bright colours, dark colours or even use an image as backdrop for your brochure. Deciding what colours to use in your brochure will be dependent on your business and the approach you want to make. Finally when designing a brochure make sure you add images that are appropriate and highlight that aspects of your marketing campaign that you want to highlight.

Making Sure its Reader Friendly

Finally you’ll need to make sure your brochure is customer focused and reader friendly. Make sure you understand your customers, what information they’re going to want to know and how to they want the information conveyed. A law firm may for example take a very formal approach to demonstrate that they are a serious company and will take your case seriously, whereas an attraction leaflet might try and be playful and use simple language so both adults and children can understand. Make sure you design a brochure that’s worth keeping not one that will get crumpled up and thrown in the bin. Regardless of who your audience is make sure that your brochure avoids using big words, get straight to the point and finally make sure it’s creative and unique.

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