How to Link Print and Digital Marketing Campaigns

As a print company in Glasgow we felt that it was necessary to create a blog post demonstrating the link between digital and print marketing. Since the boom of the internet, digital marketing has overtaken print marketing as the most popular form of marketing, however print marketing remains a dominant force for generating leads and sales in 2018. There is a tendency of business owners to choose one form of marketing and place all their eggs in that basket however a holistic approach to marketing is the best way to guarantee the highest return on investment. In this post, we will discuss how to integrate your businesses’ print and digital marketing campaigns so that they can both benefit each other.

There are four main ways in which this integration is beneficial such as through crossover promotion, remarketing, getting unknown products/services found and brand awareness.

Crossover Promotion

One of the greatest technological innovations within the print marketing industry in recent years is the use of QR Codes which can be scanned with a smartphone. The use of QR codes in print opens the doors to endless opportunities, one of which is to integrate your print and digital marketing campaigns. This is particularly useful if you want to achieve more likes on Facebook, followers on twitter or subscribers to your email marketing, as it presents a constant opportunity for individuals interested in your business to come back to your website without having to remember anything.

When designing your business card nowadays you can’t get away with simply just having your name and address, you need to have details of your website and all social media details. That way you can pass your digital business’ details to any potential prospect in person in a physical format that they’re unlikely to throw away or forget about. Another great way to integrate print and digital is to use your print media to promote your social media and your social media to promote your print media. For example you could have a competition where one twitter follower is selected at random to win a prize. Businesses can make people aware of this through digital means but also through flyers, posters and banners. You could also have a competition where one random flyer has a scratch off code to win a prize, you could make people aware of this through print means but also via social media platforms such as twitter.


One of the greatest ways that you can integrate digital and print marketing is through remarketing. Most websites will have an opt-in feature for the subscription of their blog but what few websites also offer is an opt-in for print marketing materials, which can be a wasted opportunity. If you have a monthly catalogue, brochure or even leaflets with an opt-in box on your website you can make sure your print material gets to the most relevant person. Businesses can also use digital marketing to understand the kind of demographics that are interested in your business, from that data you should be able to determine what areas and types of locations your potential customers are likely to be which is where you can send your print marketing material. This method of remarketing can also be done in reverse, you can use leaflets and posters to get people to visit your website, which can be fitted with Facebook and/or Google remarketing.

Unknown Products and Services

A problem many business owners face when they are trying to promote their business is that their potential customers do not know of the existence of the product or services, thus they do not search for it. However with posters you can make people aware of your product, with brochures you can give the public information about how your products work and by handing out leaflets you can present prospective customers with information as well as answering any follow-up questions. Businesses can also give some information about a product or service through print media such as a leaflet and then have information directing them to a page on their website or social media where the product or service is explained along with how the product is beneficial. Integrating print and digital means that niche businesses can appeal to people who know they have a problem but do not know the name of what could solve their problem.  An example where this method of promotion could be particularly beneficial is for anyone running an event, you can have posters and leaflets making people aware of the event and you can use your Facebook page and website to explain in detail exactly what is on and what to expect.

Brand Exposure

A final advantage of integrating a business’ print and digital marketing campaign is during a brand awareness campaign. Building a brand for your business as a reputable, reliable and trustworthy business is integral to the success of your business’ wider marketing campaign. Consumers prefer when a Business’ brand is known to them because if they do not know a business then it could be a charlatan providing a poor product or service. By integrating social media and print marketing you make sure that your brand is seen constantly by your target audience, search marketing can be used to get a brand found by anyone looking for the products or services you offer, social media can be used to expose your product to people in particular demographics, leaflets and posters can be used for mass exposure of your brand and business cards can expose your brand to key decision makers or influencers.

Print is quite often perceived by many as old school and redundant, a way that marketing used to be conducted but something we’ve now moved away from. Digital marketing is still perceived by many as complicated and technical something that is not understood and could result in wasted money that could have gone to better use on a tried and tested method. The truth is that neither of these beliefs are correct both print and digital marketing are excellent ways for your business to increase revenue, by integrating the two forms of marketing together the potential is maximised.

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