How to Develop a Personalised Business Card That Makes a Difference

Creating a personalised business card can make a massive difference to a company providing it with an opportunity to bring a strong brand awareness of your company and allow business prospects to see you in a strong positive way. You must make every effort to create business cards in a way that represents the type of business you wish to present, in professional cohesive manner. That’s why we at busy prints decided to put together a blog piece detailing how to produce a good quality personalised business card, who to create them for and what will make you stand out from the crowd.


Are paper business cards okay?

When creating a personalised business card it’s important to use good quality material and remember that paper is never an option for creating a business card. Business cards are inexpensive and paper carries some obvious practical issues, firstly they are flimsy and will likely easily become ruined in a pocket or wallet and secondly they look horrendously unprofessional. People sometimes believe it’s acceptable to have paper business cards when they print one at home, if they choose to design the card themselves and have it printed out with what resources that they have available. Which is why its good idea to use a professional printing service, even if you are using card to print out your business card there is a good chance that the card will not be of particularly good quality and unless you have the correct printing tools then you’re likely to have your business cards in irregular shapes or facing time-consuming issues to mass cut business cards to a professional standard.

What are the marks of a good business card?

There are various factors that demonstrate the mark of a good business card. Firstly your business cards cannot have any oversights; that means avoiding any typos, old phone numbers, slightly wrong addresses or misleading or false information. Your business card is your business’s brand and nothing can be overlooked. The first reason to develop a business card is to build reputation and brand awareness for your business the second purpose is to provide contact details of your company. Ensure that your business card features all of your contact details, such as your phone number, e-mail, company address and website. It is also important to feature social media links where you feel it is appropriate. Bring in a graphic designer to create your business card unless you already have some sort of expertise in that area. It won’t be a massive investment and once you’ve managed to develop 1-2 clients via your business cards you’ll already see a return on investment. Westmount Signs recently wrote an article stating that the three main reasons that business cards matter is that they are convenient, unique and professional. Bear in mind these three points when you are developing your business cards and you will soon realise the type of business card that your business needs to develop

Should I get business cards for all of my employees?

Whilst we would recommend that every business owner should have a supply of their own personal business cards whether or not to give employees business cards depends on the instance. For example in some of the more client led businesses such as marketing agencies, lawyers and accountants giving everyone especially the new-business team business cards maximises your reach to prospective clients. If you have a staff member in purchasing or procurement it can be a great way to build up strong business relationships. But the simple answer to this question would be to give business cards to any employees tasked with building up business relationships or attracting new business. It may be less important to create business cards for anyone who is not trying to build up business relations such as a shop assistant or administration assistant. It may also not be as valuable to print business cards for the employees that are less customer/client facing such as those in the IT or maintenance department. However it will always be important for anyone in charge of high profile sales to have their own set of business cards. Giving employees business cards breaks the cooperate mould and gives your company a personal feel.

What are the most effective ways of designing a high-quality business card? 

When we break down the two main aspects of a business card it becomes easier to consider the goals of creating a business card, the first is to give convenient contact information for prospective business opportunities, the other is to build a strong brand awareness of your company and leave a lasting impression.  What really makes a business card stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression is creating a unique, professional and captivating design, if you have the technical know-how to design this yourself then great, but if you do not its best to hire a professional graphic designer to create something that stands out from the crowd.. Factors such as the smooth texture of a business card along with how aesthetically pleasing the card is, could be the difference between a lead fading away and converting in to a prospect.

How do I get started?

Creating a professional and personalised business card is an aspect of marketing that many businesses overlook. Busy Prints is a graphic design & printing service that can design a high-quality business card and printed in a professional manner on high-quality material. We’re happy to discuss your requirements with you in a detail so that your business card stands out from the crowd contact us here to get started.


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