The Powerful Marketing Value of Graphic Banners

In the digital age the when someone says the word “banner” and “marketing” the first thing that comes to your mind may be pay per click banners however let us not forget the power printing banners can have for your brand or business. One of the major benefits of graphic banners is the sheer size of them, with a well-designed, reasonably sized banner you create a lasting brand awareness and exposure that will stick in the back of your potential customer’s mind. For local businesses based in Glasgow, banners can deliver are relatively cheap return on investment. That’s why we a Busy Prints have decided to take the time to write an article detailing the benefits of banner printing along how to use different types of physical banners for the purposes of marketing your business.

The Benefits of Banner Printing

Using printed banners to promote your business creates a range of benefits firstly they are fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to digital banners. With a digital banner you will first have to design something that is captivating enough to draw in reasonable click through rate which is typically low for banner based ads, then you have to deal with the fact that each click will cost you a certain amount of money. With a physical banner the main cost will be designing and printing the banner, once you’ve paid for this cost the only other cost will be renting advertising space to place your banner which is usually fairly inexpensive. The negative side of course is that once you’ve designed & printed your banner you won’t be able to make any alterations, so you’ll need to be certain of your banner before you print it.

Local Traffic Advantage

Banner printing can be great if you’re focusing on getting local traffic into your business, especially from tourists or visitors from out of town. Placing your banner on the side of a main road/motorway will catch people’s eyes as they’re driving too their destination. This works especially well if your business is at a location on the outskirts of a town or city and you want to increase footfall traffic. For example if you run a café that’s just 2 miles out of town you’ll be able to capture a lot of footfall traffic from hungry drivers with your business’ name, directions a picture of a giant cheeseburger.

Difference between Banner Printing and Digital Marketing

There are ways that you can get local traffic through digital advertising, however currently digital cannot compete with every aspect of banner printing. For example you could try to use Google Maps advertising to get more local traffic to your business and whilst this works quite well for people who live locally it doesn’t work as well at capturing footfall from hungry tourists or passersby who happen to glance at a banner with a massive cheeseburger as they are drive into town. Social media marketing also remains largely ineffective without knowing which individuals are visiting an area or without them consciously looking for a business. Physical banners are a low maintenance marketing tool that captures footfall from one location and directs it towards your businesses location, whilst digital marketing can achieve this physical banners remain the most cost-effective.

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The Difference between Outdoor Banners and Indoor Banners

Of course the main difference is that one is outside one is inside, however the marketing strategy that is placed around the two different banners is drastically different. Firstly the materials used in indoor banners differ greatly from outdoor banners. This is mainly due to the fact that indoor banners do not have to face the severe weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail, UV and storms that outdoor banners need to.

For example fabric banners are usually used for indoor banners as the material would soon deteriorate in any adverse weather conditions whereas a material such as mesh vinyl is ideal for outdoor banners. One disadvantage that you can find with indoor banners is its exposure; generally speaking in order to have indoor banner advertising your business you’ll either need to place it in a place with a large amount of footfall such as a shopping centre at a fairly high cost or you’ll have to place it in a place with fairly low exposure at a relatively cheap cost. With an outdoor banner you can leave it at the side of a road for a fairly cheap cost which exposes your brand 24/7 to a fairly large audience. However the cost of printing an outdoor banner may be a lot higher than an indoor banner due to the larger size needed and materials that are involved.

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