Tips for the Perfect Menu

Tips for the perfect menu

Basic steps to follow towards designing and planning a menu for your restaurant, café or bar. Remember no matter the size of your business you should always convey professionalism starting with a good image.

The menu for your place of business is a reflection of your company and must have colours and design according to the type of restaurant, café or bar, formal or informal, must be designed in such a way that it’s pleasing and functional for your customers.

Step 1.  Choose the layout for your menu

There are lots of available programs you can use that will have menu templates available. Another option would be to insert a table with straight sections to keep everything flowing evenly, a menu that is too cluttered is hard to read. You can always delete the table when you have all the text and images in place.

Step 2.  Section the menu

Check out a menu of any restaurant and you will notice that somehow it’s organised in order: tags for snacks, soups and salads, main dishes, specialities, desserts and drinks. It is important to have clearly identified sections for different colours, fonts or highlight the titles of each section.

The order is important in each section

Step 3.  Menu description

The name of each item should be descriptive or a short but highly effective description of the customer’s taste that makes you want to order. Explain what is in each item. Use short sentence 1 or 2 maximum lines.

Step 4.  Design and Presentation Menu

To create the perfect design for your menu is more than just printing a list of dishes you must choose the right colours, fonts and images that are essential to the design of an effective menu. Colors and fonts used in a menu must reflect the theme of your restaurant. The right size & style of font on contrasting backgrounds are best and easier on the eye. The care and attention given to a menu is a reflection on the quality of the food and service you provide.

For menu ideas try

We do hope these tips help and if you need any more information we are always happy to help!

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