What is a Vector Image?

Vector ExplainedPixel Images versus Vector Images 

You might not have heard of vector images as  the term ‘vector’ is often associated with the mathematical field.

In this post, I will explain what a ‘vector image’ is and the benefits you can achieve.

If we have a raster image, (this is a graphical technique using arrays of pixel values) we want to use it to produce a banner for you but the image is small.

The image is good because it is  formed by pixels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixel

The more pixels we have in an image means a higher resolution and better quality.

But there’s a problem, once we have opened the image on the computer or laptop, we will want to enlarge it, either to look at details or to pay special attention to a particular point in the image.

When we do this we find the image soon starts to distort. The problem we have is that we start to get a progressive loss of definition in the forms and contours of the image, the larger we make the image.

This distortion ruins the quality of that image.Pixels v Vector

So the solution is for us to convert this image into something more usable and flexible.

To do this we need to take the original small image and ‘convert’ it into a vector image.

Converting the image means that we change it from being made up of pixels, into another form, which is made up of vectors.

The result of this conversion means that we now have an image that may be reduced or scaled to any size without losing quality.

Vectorized images are widely used nowadays for all types of printing systems: screen printing, embroidery, signs, prints and large format printing, cutting plotters etc.

This is because the possibilities and results are amazing.

In creative terms, converting a logo composed of pixels into a vector will maintain the quality and definition in outline and remains unaffected by any change in size thereby achieving a clear image.

So for your banner, we now have a logo that looks great when we enlarge it and your banner will do just what you need it to do, which is to promote your branding

Converting a vector image is simple: starting from a simple photo, scan or photocopy you can convert it using programs such as VectorMagic and get amazing results.

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  1. Well explained…something I’ve always tried to put in words and publish!

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